Amanda Dickson

Speaker, Writer, Voiceover Artist


Meet Amanda

Amanda is the mother of Ethan and Aiden and the step-mom of Laurel, Ashley and Cameron, but before all of that, she is Aaron’s wife. Amanda is married to her sweetheart, a man who supports her in parenting their children and fills her creative needs with brilliant ideas and conversation. Amanda is a radio announcer, writer, speaker and voice over artist. She is a perpetual learner, constantly reading, studying, highlighting some article or book, asking someone, “Isn’t this interesting?” She is the best friend of her favorite writer, Anita Stansfield, which feels like a gift from God. She is the sister of Dave and Connie (and Deirdre – her sista-by-another-mother) who all live too far away. She is the eternal child. Just hear her laugh or ask to see her Pokemon collection.

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I’ve heard it said that writers need to write, so I must be a writer, just not a recently published one. This blog is made up of the editorials I would write if I had an editorial voice. I put all the things here I wish I could say on the air but can’t. Here are the things swirling around in my head that need to be put down in words in order to give me peace. Sometimes when I read them I think there might be something here, and sometimes I think – what in the world . . .?


We asked Amanda to host our pre-show closing ceremonies because she best represented the spirit of Utah.

- Mitt Romney