Amanda stumbled into a career in radio when she realized she was not cut out to be a lawyer. She wanted very much to follow in her father’s footsteps into the practice of law, until she practiced law and understood it simply wasn’t for her. She has been part of the KSL family since 1990. She and Grant Nielsen were partners for over 20 years. Then she partnered with Brian Martin for a few years, and now she shares the morning with long-time radio announcer Tim Hughes, whom she adores. She and Tim understand that they are not just there to inform people, although that is their primary role. They are also there to comfort, to entertain, to bring a smile whenever possible. Tim and Amanda feel like family, to each other, and to their listeners.

This is Grant on the left, me, and Tim on the right.

Amanda also hosts an award winning program on KSL called "A Woman's View" where she invites women from the community to share their opinions of news and other important events of their lives. Women from all over Utah and all walks of life join Amanda to share their views.

Before becoming a lawyer, radio announcer, writer and public speaker, Amanda dabbled in a number of other careers. She was the PA announcer for the Utah Starzz, the Utah WNBA team. She spent years working as a waitress, a restaurant manager, a night club disc jockey and pizza maker. More recently, Amanda taught media law at the University of Utah, a job she dearly loved but found she needed to leave, at least temporarily, so she could give her children a little more time during their formative years.

Meet Amanda’s Family

The best and biggest part of Amanda’s life is her family. She became a step-mom at 38 to three incredible kids: Laurel, who has Down Syndrome and a huge smile, Ashley, who now lives in Tokyo and is the one who got Amanda addicted to Pokemon cards, and Cameron, who has always helped Amanda believe their family could make it through anything. Then, although she believed it would never happen, Amanda became a mom at 40, with all the insecurity and humor you can imagine that involved. She had Ethan in 2005 and Aiden in 2006, and it’s been a wild ride ever since.