Just got home to hug Ethan

Just got home to hug Ethan

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  • Just got home to hug Ethan
  • Laurel and me at Barnes and Noble
  • Aaron and me
  • Grant and Amanda
  • Ashey and friends
  • Aiden's first journal
  • My 50th birthday
  • Ashey and Landon for Comicon
  • Dillion and Aiden
  • Calling a Red Rock meet at the U
  • With Elder Dallin Oaks
  • Ethan as Abe Lincoln
  • Home with family
  • With Grant and new friends at Primary's
  • With Grant and Jake in Denver for Amendment 3
  • With Grant and Jenn Hardman at Radiothon
  • Laurel on bowling day
  • With my beloved  Aaron
  • With my work buddies
  • With Ethan on his 9th birthday
  • Cameron plays so beautifully
  • My little Captain Americas
  • With my dear Cousin Ricky - gone too soon
  • Aiden on nerd day
  • The Wilhelm boys on Cameron's 21st

Amanda the Mom

Amanda became a mom at 40, with all the insecurity and humor you can imagine that involves.  Now at 47, she is the mother of Aiden (4) and Ethan (6) and the step-mother of Laurel (22), Ashley (21) and Cameron (18).  She refers to her children as her "bigs" and her "littles," and feels more grateful for the love they have for her and each other than she can express.  At dinner, her youngest, Aiden, will often say, "Circle of love?" and extend his hands out in both directions for everyone to hold.  Everyone does, even his very cool teenage brother, who has loved him from the day he was born.

One of the blessings of Amanda's job on the radio is that it starts each morning at 2:30.  How can that possibly be a blessing, you rightfully ask.  Because it often gets her home by noon when she can visit with Ashley and Cameron inbetween their college classes, see Ethan and Aiden when they get home from school, and take Laurel to Barnes and Noble, her oldest daughter's favorite activity.  While Amanda has never had the confidence in her parenting that she has in her other roles, this is the one she needs the most, and the one that needs her.

Amanda the Radio Announcer

www.ksl.com Amanda has been part of the KSL family for 22 years.  She and her partner, Grant Nielsen, have been doing the morning show for 18.  18 years of waking up in the middle of the night to read everything they can learn before going on the air at 5:00 to tell the people of Utah what is going on in their world.  Grant and Amanda are institutions in Utah, but people think of them as friends, and they are honored by that.  Wherever they go, people hug them.  This is the nature of this radio team.  Yes.  They are trusted news people, well-respected and depended upon by their community, but their relationship with their listeners is so much more than that.  They are family. 

Amanda also hosts an award winning program on KSL called "A Woman's View" where she invites women from the community to share their opinions of news and other important events of their lives.  This program led to a weekly column of the same title in the Deseret News which Amanda so enjoys writing, sharing the insights of her guests and coming to further develop her own voice.  Before becoming a radio annoucer, columnist and public speaker, Amanda was a lawyer, a WNBA announcer, a waitress, restaurant manager, college professor, night club disc jockey and pizza maker.  There just wasn't a job Amanda didn't like, except for telephone solicitor, and she probably didn't give that one enough of a try.

Amanda the Speaker

Of all of Amanda's jobs, there is one where she feels the most at home - and that is in front of an audience.  When Amanda is speaking to a group, something magical happens, some kind of connection is made, some kind of indescribable moment that lifts both speaker and audience member.  She would never give up her radio job - it is her heart and soul.   And her writing keeps her sane.  But these moments spent with live audiences in cities from Philadelphia to Atlanta to Sacramento and all over Utah serve not only the groups she visits but her own soul so much, she hopes she will be able to continue to speak for a very long time.  Amanda speaks to all kinds of businesses, women's groups, governmental groups, gatherings of every size and scope on the topics of joy in work, team building, change, friendship, hope, finding untapped energy and every variation on those themes imaginable.  She would be delighted to speak to your group if the opportunity should ever arise.

Presidential Candidate Governor Mitt Romney said of Amanda when he was in Utah managing Utah's 2002 Olympic Games, "We asked Amanda to host our pre-show closing ceremonies because she best represented the spirit of Utah." Her spirit is infectious, right along with her laugh, and audiences of all backgrounds have benefitted from that irresistible energy.