Amanda is a much sought after motivational speaker, something she thoroughly enjoys.  She travels around the country now speaking to groups of all sizes, helping students see their potential, helping teachers feel appreciated, helping employees feel connected and enthusiastic about work and each other, helping community leaders feel re-energized and committed, helping women feel beautiful.  She simply loves the groups she speaks with, and they love her - love is the right word.

Here is an example of Amanda before an audience at the BYU college of Nursing:


And here is a sampling of what people have to say after having Amanda come and speak to their events:

Senator Orrin G. Hatch: "Amanda, your speech left us with side aches and warmed hearts.  We received many comments that people felt empowered and ready to take on the world both financially and emotionally.  To have you at our kick off event was the best investment we made.  I really appreciate your ability to adapt to our group and inspire our people.  I have spoken around the globe with some of the biggest names in the business and can honestly say that the best speakers let other people see into their real lives and their real thinking. You have that ability and allowed us to see the real you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you."

Shaye Larsen/ President Prosperity International: "Amanda is a truly great speaker who captures her audience from the first moments of her presentation.  She is witty, entertaining and inspiring - and weaves important information in along the way."

Major General Peter Cooke, US Army Reserve: "I wanted to thank you again for such a great opportunity we all had to be with you on Memorial Day.  As you can guess, we have many of the same people who attend our Memorial Day Service every year and many came to me aftewards to tell me that you were the best speaker we have ever had."

Marianne Craven, Ph.D., R.N., Utah Nurses Association Conference Chairman: "Your presentation was well attended and extremely well liked by those in attendance.  As you can see from the comments below . . . awesome speaker . . . amazing speaker!  First talk of the weekend that I felt applied to me. . . very entertaining . . . She was great!!! . . . She was very entertaining and her information was very insighful - have her come again!"

Ruby Cheesman, Library Manager: "On behalf ot all 475 librarians who listened to your luncheon address last Thursday, THANK YOU! I heard nothing but delighted comments from everyone.  They said you energized them to be better, to forgive more freely, to wake up each day determined to be happier."

Here is an example of Amanda Dickson's voice over work: